Certification and Labelling

Put in conformity HAS for certification and/or LABEL X ®


Forts of numerous experiences(experiments) in the medical domain, our consultants set up a didactic and pragmatic approach(initiative) which will allow to integrate(join) smoothly the frame(executive) of the certification HAS and/or Label X ®.
Diagnosis HAS AND/OR LABEL X ®
During a fixed service(performance), SG PROD MédiLAN assists you the definition of an action plan HAS AND/OR A LABEL X ®:

-Presentation(Display) of the stakes in the Direction(Management)
-Census(Inventory) of the applications concerned by the HAS AND/OR LABEL X ®
-Appreciation of the level of maturity at the level of the HAS and/or Label X ® (management of the risk, the authority of -ratification)
-Orientation for the integration in the current(in class) projects (management of the project, the call for tenders)
-Definition of the action plan of putting in conformity